CONTEXT - Mobility Management

 Workers’ mobility represents one of the major problems relating to traffic congestion and urban mobility, with dramatic consequences for the environment, damaged by a progressive increase of CO2 emissions.


SOLUTION - Home-To-Work Mobility Plan

Through a careful study of the causes generating this problem, we can solve it by using the Home-To-Work Mobility Plan, which provides a detailed analysis of the mobility habits of the workers of your company.


TOOL - MobilityManager

By filling in a brief questionnaire, MobilityManager provides a detailed picture of mobility habits of workers, their needs and their ability to switch to other and more sustainable mobility solutions.


HOW IT WORKS - The procedure

  • It sends a brief questionnaire, to fill in online, to all users.
  • It produces a report with the results of the survey, also in Excel format, containing more than 60 mobility indicators.
  • It plans intervention scenarios by using a simulation model integrated in the software.
  • It automatically calculates the emissions for six different kinds of pollutants.
  • It shows geographically all the results.

BENEFITS - The features

It can be customized according to specific needs and features of the surrounding environment. It is possible to interact with the questionnaire, the maps and much more.It performs one-month work in a few seconds, saving corporate resources and time. It suggests the most successful interventions for the problems of your company.


INNOVATION - Decision Support System

At the end of the analysis phase, MobilityManager suggests us the best solutions to be implemented in order to solve the observed problems: the software has in fact an integrated forecasting system based on a sophisticated mathematical model, that is able to assess the effects of each measure and to let us implement the most effective solutions.