MobilitySchool is the easiest
and the most intuitive way to develop
a School Mobility Plan.

The first web application to achieve
the School Mobility Plan



The mobility of students and their parents is one of the major problems related to road congestion and urban mobility: traffic close to schools, parents parking in a double row and the general lack of security around schools. Nowadays, it is necessary to find alternative, more organized and sustainable measures to avoid this.

The Home-School Shift Plan

Studying carefully the causes that create this problem is essential! A detailed analysis of students, teachers and parents’ mobility habits will allow to develop the School Mobility Plan and to solve any mobility issue.

The tool

By completing a short questionnaire, Mobility School automatically generates a detailed analysis of the mobility habits of students, teachers and parents, what their needs are and what their attitude towards change towards alternative, more sustainable solution is.



The process

In addition to analyzing the problem, it is essential to understand how to solve it, finding the appropriate intervention measures.
Mobility School is also able to do this, thanks to the integrated calculation tools:

  • Disseminate a short online questionnaire to all of the users;
  • Produces a report with the results of the survey, also in Excel format, containing more than sixty mobility indicators;
  • Simulate intervention scenarios using models integrated into the software;
  • Automatically calculates emissions for six different types of pollutants produced;
  • View all the results and their geographical spreading.
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Mobility School, in addition to being a functional tool for the identification and resolution of mobility issues related to mobility, was designed to actively involve school directors, teachers, students and parents in this process.

One of the healthiest and most interesting aspects of Mobility School is the message that comes to younger generations: it is possible to make the world more sustainable through simple decisions. Being aware of this concept from an early age is a huge investment for the future of our children and our community.

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