MobilityCompany is a web company
portal dedicated to the topic of mobility
and the commuting trip of your employees.

The first company web portal 
dedicated to Home-Work mobility


Importance for the company

MobilityCompany arises from the need of many customers to communicate both internally and externally their commitment to mobility and respect for the environment. Internally, explaining to employees why the company takes care of improving their Home-Work journey: saving, increasing the quality of life, health, and externally, communicating the attention spent on the issues of the environment and corporate welfare. We know that a company that is attentive to these issues is more reliable on the market both in the eyes of customers and suppliers.

Services to the employee

When we deal with the issue of  workers’ mobility, we almost always refer to the travel survey and the mobility plan. Although the Plan is one of the essential prerequisites for improving the trips to and from the workplace, it produces concrete effects in the medium to long term. In most cases, answering the survey is the only  immediate action for the employees. MobilityCompany was born in order to offer employees something that produces immediate effects and immediately helps employees in their daily trips.



In this section will be inserted the relevant mobility news and the messages from the company to their employees in terms of mobility.


This section explains to employees what is a Mobility Plan and the importance of reaching the workplace in a sustainable way, as well as the company’s values ​​towards the environment and its commitment to a better world. In this section it is also possible to publish the results of the Mobility Plan.

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How many times before leaving work have you looked for real-time traffic information on the Internet to avoid congestion when going back home? This section provides the best search-route thanks to the aggregation of the main data sources on the market and a simplification of the functionalities: looking for the best way to get home without trauma has never been so easy and effective.


Through this section we communicate to your employees in advance all the news related to strikes, traffic congestion, road works. In short, all you need to avoid last-minute surprises.

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If there is a field in which the apps are really useful, It is mobility. Because we are on the move and the only mean that can help us is our mobile phone.

There are very useful apps on the market, depending on our habits or the transport mode we use. In this section, which we update continuously, we highlight the best from the world of mobile mobility.

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Other services

One of the strenghts of Mobility Company is that it can be configured differently depending on the company and can contain many services chosen by the company:

  • Carpooling service;
  • MobilityManager software for the annual survey;
  • Shuttle service (this page will load updated routes and timetables of the company shuttles);
  • Informations for visitors (the best routes and combinations of means of transport will be shown to reach the premises of our company from the airport, from the station, etc.);
  • Useful Numbers and Services (call a taxi, find a Vel’Oh station, etc.).
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